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Tuesday 28 NovemberSession
13:00 - 14:00 GMTAI Series: Intellectual property and artificial intelligence – a review of new legal challenges (Online)

In this session we will look at the key IP issues for businesses arising from AI. We will focus on the use of AI, including large language models and generative AI, as well as legal questions around the concepts of inventorship and patentability.

Thursday 30 NovemberSession
17:00 - 18:00 GMTAcademic Series: Some reflections on the co-existence of judge-made and statutory rules of corporate insolvency law (In-person – Canary Wharf, London)

In this Academic Series session, Professor van Zwieten, Clifford Chance Professor of Law and Finance at the University of Oxford, will present new research on the interaction between judge-made rules and statutory rules of corporate insolvency law (in England and Wales), including in the areas of directors’ liability, transaction avoidance, and recognition and assistance in cross-border cases.

Tuesday 5 DecemberSession
13:00 - 14:00 GMTSpace tech for smart cities (Online)

Smart cities are using technology to make cities faster, smarter, more efficient and sustainable. The market for smart city related services is growing fast, with the European Space Agency referencing a forecast growth of +57% between 2020-2025. Many of these smart city services and associated technology are heavily reliant, if not entirely dependent, on space tech. Our panel will explore the importance of space tech to smart cities, the latest developments, and the opportunities and risks for financial investors in the sector.

Tuesday 12 DecemberSession
13:00 - 14:00 GMTPensions risk transfers in the UK, the US and beyond (Online)

The pensions risk transfer market in both the UK and US is continuing to grow alongside interest in new pensions risk transfer markets, as these transactions become increasingly cross-jurisdictional. Our pensions, insurance and collateral experts from the UK and US will discuss trends across the industry, from front end pensions transactions to back end collateralised reinsurance structures.

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